Who I Am

I am a dedicated educator, business owner, TUSD parent, and come from a long line of TUSD educators. I'm a passionate advocate for educational equity, inclusion, diversity and equal access to an excellent public education for all. I believe that every student deserves the opportunity to achieve all they can in life, and a high quality public education is the key to that achievement. 

I began my career teaching social skills, history and cultural studies for students at Pima County Juvenile Detention Center. I found my passion for education and working with the most challenging students during that time. The goal of education is to ignite the spark and passion for learning from within every student. I was honored to assist in igniting the spark for those "tough" students through connection, building upon their strengths, and engaging them with an excellent/evidenced based/ hands-on curriculum. 

I then put myself through graduate school by working as a teaching assistant with special education students in Santa Fe, New Mexico. After obtaining my Masters in Counseling Psychology, I returned to Tucson to work with children and familes in substance abuse programs, foster care, and wrap-around social services. Many of the children I worked with were TUSD students and much of the work was done in TUSD's schools, from Tucson High to Mary Meredith K-12, to TUSD's Teenage Parent High School and many, many more. While working hard for these children and families, I was able to see why some students and families were able to succeed while others were not. Family, community, and access to a quality education were, and still are, the keys to success. 

Currently, my husband and I own a local business on 4th Avenue and are raising our two spirited and beautiful young  children. We have our kindergartner in one of TUSD's wonderful dual-language schools, Bloom Elementary, and look forward to having our youngest eventually attend TUSD's schools as well. I also work with the Arizona Department of Health Services, Easter Seals Blake Foundation, Casa De Los Ninos, Pima Community College, UPenn, Vanderbilt University, and the US Air Force in the field of educational excellence, curriculum, leadership and family health. Many educational institutions employ me to provide professional development and training for their educators and administrators. I teach evidenced based methods and practices for increasing educational quality and equity. 

I hope to gain your trust, support and vote. I look forward to using my experience, skills, and commitment to be an effective advocate and board member. I promise to work hard for every student, teacher and family!