My Vision For TUSD

High quality public education is a right for all children. TUSD is capable of providing a high quality education for each and every student. 

Every teacher deserves to be respected and valued for the important work they do. TUSD can be the BEST district for our teachers and education professionals. Giving them the respect and the freedom to do their work with professional integrity is our obligation.

Every family is entitled to an inclusive and welcoming school community. A community that values their culture, interests, abilities, beliefs, and what makes them unique. Educational success is dependent on family engagement and participation in their child's education. TUSD needs to break down the current barriers for family participation and build bridges for on-going family engagement and inclusivity.  

Building upon what our district is already doing well and looking for leverage points for systemic improvements, TUSD can continue to grow into the best district for students, teachers, and families!

I have the vision, commitment and experience to grow the things our district is already doing well, expanding them to ALL Tucson Unified schools. I am dedicated to civility and respect to all members of our schools, including other board members. I will work with professional integrity to fix the issues at hand.

I am the candidate with the plan, strategy and know how to:

1) Bring back Music, Art, and P.E. to ALL TUSD schools

2) Create smaller class sizes across the board, by expanding dual language choices for families. 

3) Fix our teacher shortage internally, by "growing our own" TUSD teachers, starting with high school J-TED and CTE students. Helping these future TUSD teachers obtain their teaching certificates by collaborating with local colleges.

4) Create a positive school climate that focuses on bullying prevention, pro-active classroom management, including a school wide professional development series that is focused on best practices in school discipline, including restorative justice. 

Together we can do this. Let's make TUSD the BEST district for students, families, and teachers. A district that serves our whole community with excellence! 

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